Профессор Сухарев Олег Сергеевич

Prof. O.S.Sukharev’s Pupils

Ph.D. theses and doctoral theses were defended under my scientific direction and consulting:

Ph.D. theses:

1. Sesunina E.V. Technological Innovation as the Factor of Sustainable Development of the Enterprise (on the example of meat industry of Bryansk Region). - Bryansk: BSU (Bryansk State University), 2004.

2. Shmanev S.V. Results Forecasting of Investment Process on the Basis of Incomes Dynamics Model of the Enterprise (Synergetic Approach). - Bryansk: BSU, 2004.

3. Kolmykov A.M. Perfection of Metallurgical Enterprises Organization and Management Using “Balanced Indicators System” Method. - Bryansk: BSU, 2004.

4. Arutyunyan A.D. Fundamentals of Organization and Management of Investment Activity in Russia Economy. - М: SAISS (State Academy of Investment Sphere Specialists), 2005.

5. Gudov V.A. Industrial Enterprise Management on the Basis of Risks Structural Analysis. - Oryol: ОSTU (Oryol State Technical University), 2005.

6. Vasiljchenko I.N. Formation of Regional Development Policy of Timber Industry Enterprises on the Basis of Production Certification and Quality Systems. - Bryansk: BSTAE (Bryansk State Technological Academy of Engineering), 2006.

7. Zhilenkova E.P. Industrial Enterprises Management on the Basis of Effective Personnel Training and Use (on an example of Bryansk Region). - Bryansk: BSTAE, 2006. 

8. Lebedeva D.N. Personnel Training Planning at the Industrial Enterprise Using Competence Estimation Method. - Kostroma: KSU (Kostroma State University), 2007.

9. Eroshenkov K.M. Management Mechanisms Formation of the Regional Mortgage Potential. - М: Institute of Economy and Social Relations, 2008.

10. Soldatenkov V. Ju. State-Private Partnership in the Concession Form as the Development Tool of Electric Power Engineering. OryolSTU, 2011. 

11. Melkovskaya K.R. Commodity Assortment Management of the Machine-Building Enterprise on the Basis of Functional Marketing Concept / OryolSTU, 2012.

12. Kurmanov N.V. Production Promotion Strategy of the Enterprise in Multilevel System of e-marketing. OryolSTU, 2012. 

13. Ilina O.B. Justification of methods of application of the customs procedure of free customs zone for the development of manufacturing industries in the special economic zone (for example, the Kaliningrad region). - Moscow: Russian Customs Academy, 2013.

14. Mikhailov A. Evaluating the effectiveness of the assets of the investment fund / M.: IE RAS, 2013.

15. Kurmanov V.V. Development of an integrated system of e-marketing, trade organizations and ways of interacting with the target audience. OryolSTU, 2014.


16. Chereeva B.T. Efficiency of state property management (on the example of the infrastructure of the railway industry) PhD in the specialty "State and local government"// Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 2022. (Second foreign consultant)


Doctoral theses:

17. Makarova V. I. Control System of Innovative-Investment Activity of Large Machine-Building Enterprise. - М: SAISS, 2005.

18. Shmanev S.V. Management Methodology of investments into Industry. Synergetic - Institutional Approach. - М: SAISS, 2007.

19. Zhuravlyova T.A. Functioning Methodology of Tax Regulations Mechanism at the Federal and Regional Levels. - М: Tax Academy under the Finance Ministry of the Russian Federation, 2007.

20. Kozhukhar V.M. Development of Economic Management Methods of Investments into Real Estate Radiation - Ecological Cleanliness. - М:  MIHPE (Moscow Institute of High-Power Engineering), 2009.

21. Strizhakova E.N. Development of the methodology for the formation of industrial policy in Russia: a structural-institutional and resource-factor approach - M .: IPR RAS, 2018.

22. Palash S.V. Strategic guidelines and effectiveness of the implementation of the structural industrial policy. — M.: CEMI RAS, 2022

Thus, within the framework of pupils’ activity two scientific schools have been created: 1) on 08.00.05 speciality - regarding innovations, industrial systems management and the theory of investment decision-making; 2) on 08.00.01, 08.00.05 and 08.00.10 speciality – research of institutional factors defining the development of economic systems and providing preparation of decisions in marketing and finance and providing factor efficiency: capital, labour, training and organization forms.